Flowers for Algernon Charly paperback

Flowers HC modern classic

Flowers for Algernon

Published by Harcourt Brace (1966) and by Bantam Books (1967). Reissued in the Harcourt Brace Modern Classics series (1995).

Released on audio tape by Parrot Audio Books, narrated by Daniel Keyes.

"HUGO AWARD" for short story, "Flowers for Algernon," 1959
"NEBULA AWARD" for novel version, Flowers for Algernon, 1966

Until he was thirty-two, Charlie Gordon --gentle, amiable, oddly engaging-- had lived in a kind of mental twilight. He knew knowledge was important and had learned to read and write after a fashion, but he also knew he wasn't nearly as bright as most of the people around him. There was even a white mouse named Algernon who outpaced Charlie in some ways. But a remarkable operation had been performed on Algernon, and now he was a genius among mice. Suppose Charlie underwent a similar operation...

Reviews of Flowers for Algernon

"Strikingly original..." --Publisher's Weekly

"Absorbing... Immensely original... Going to be read for a long time to come." --Library Journal

"This novel should be on your 'must read list." --Palm Beach Post Times

"Fascinating, agonizing... Superb." --Birmingham News

"A tale that is convincing, suspenseful and touching..." --The New York Times

"A classic bit of literature... a brilliant and fascinating tour de force... a literary achievement as unique as the subject itself." -- Journal Star (Peoria)

"...Keyes has found a challenge in his material and has composed a gripping narrative..." --Miami News

Adaptations of Flowers for Algernon

  1. Television Drama, "The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon," (starring Cliff Robertson) on the Theater Guild's U.S. Steel Hour, 1961.

  2. Feature film, "CHARLY" -- World Premiere: The Berlin Film Festival (American Entry) July, 1968. American Premiere: The Baronet Theater, N.Y. Sept.23, 1968. Won "Best Actor" Academy Award for Cliff Robertson.

  3. Stage play (Chicago: Dramatic Publishing, 1969) by David Rogers.

  4. Dramatic Musical, "Charlie and Algernon" (Music by Charles Strouse, Libretto by David Rogers) Canadian Premiere: Edmonton, The Citadel Theater (Dec. 21, 1978) London: The Queens Theater (June 14, 1979). Washington D.C.: Kennedy Center, Terrace Theater (March 8, 1980) Eisenhower Theater (Aug. 4, 1980) New York: Broadway, Helen Hayes Theater (Sept 4, 1980)

  5. French language stage play, Marseilles, Theater Espace Massalia, Oct. 11 to Nov.10, 1982.

  6. Irish radio monodrama, Dublin, Radio Telefis Eireann, broadcast Oct. 25, 1983 and repeated Oct. 28, 1983.

  7. Australian stage play, Jigsaw Theatre Company, March, 1984.

  8. Polish language stage play, The. W. Horzyca Memorial Theatre of Torun, March 3, 1985. Adapted by Jerzy Gudejka. Won "Grand Prix --One Actor Theater"

  9. Japanese language stage play, Kinokuniya Theater, Tokyo, January 20-29, 1987; Play adaptation published in Tragedy/Comedy, Feb. 1987, Vol. 436. by Hayakawa.

  10. Czechoslovak Radio Prague, Radio broadcast rights, 1988 to 1991.

  11. Another Japanese language stage play version, produced by Gendai Engeki Kyokai Production Company. San-Byakunin Theater, Tokyo, (March-April, 1990). New Japanese production opens Fall, 1997.

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