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The Asylum Prophecies

Daniel Keyesí landmark award-winning novel, Flowers for Algernon, is an undisputed classic worldwide. It has sold over five million copies, has never been out of print since its original publication, and is the basis for the movie Charly, starring Cliff Robertson.

Now Daniel Keyes returns to the realm of the mind with his first novel in nearly thirty years, a riveting and unforgettable psychological thriller.

Raven began the day in an asylum, a disturbed young woman with multiple personalities recovering from another suicide attempt. But now she holds a secret that could save thousands of innocent lives. Buried deep in her splintered subconscious are details of an impending terrorist attack against the United Statesódetails that her kidnappers cannot let her reveal. As Raven summons all her strength to fight her captors, an American agent races across the globe to rescue her and find the key that will unlock her trapped memories before itís too late.

Reviews of The Asylum Prophecies

"..Daniel Keyes returns with his first novel in nearly thirty years. The Asylum Prophecies starts fast and continues throughout the book. It kept my interest with believable characters, solid plot and Raven's multiple mental issues help carry the story. The author has even included a history of the groups involved at the beginning of the book. Fascinating detail completes the book and keeps you wanting more. An easy read from an experienced player, it feels like he hasn't even left the scene."
----Book Fetish


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